Having for years managed numerous multi-million dollar operational programs, Bryan brings in-depth understanding of both the hard (technical) and soft (relational) aspects of doing business with the Federal Government.   Maintaining rich connections in Washington D.C., Bryan brings the right network to get your company on contract with the Federal Government.

First-hand knowledge of:

  • Federal Acquisition Regulations
  • Small Business set-asides
  • Federal Budget Process and Cycles
  • Department of Defense Programs
  • Federal Technology Procurement
  • Special Operations Procurement

 Bryan N. Sparling          Colonel, US Army Retired

Bryan Sparling brings more than three decades of experience in the world's finest leader development institutions to bear on your business and organizational challenges.  A twice decorated combat veteran with more than ten years of service in Joint operational headquarters, Bryan has deep experience leading and building teams in the most demanding and chaotic environments.

Business Excellence focus areas for your business:

  • Leadership Coaching / Leader Development
  • Strategy, Planning & Execution
  • Information Operations
  • Cyber Operations / Security
  • Change Leadership
  • Innovation Cultivation



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